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What Is Gutter Protection?

Gutter covers and protection systems do much more than keep your gutters and roofing in Savannah, GA working efficiently during a storm. In fact, these handy covers can keep residential and commercial roofing in Savannah, GA healthy for decades to come. Gutter protection systems act as hats for your gutters. They keep leaves out so water can drain as intended. Here’s why gutter covers are well worth the investment.

Virtually Eliminates the Need for Maintenance

Did you know that gutter protection also includes your safety? That’s right! These handy gutter hats also protect you, because they essentially eliminate all future needs for maintenance. This means no more getting on top of wobbly ladders, and no more haphazardly spraying a hose while trying not to lose your balance. They not only keep gutters clear, they keep you out of the hospital.

Prevents Hazardous Ice Dams From Forming

While personal safety is hands-down the best benefit of gutter protection systems, they do much more than that. Roof repair in Savannah, GA is at its peak during winter, especially following the hurricane season. This is because freezing temperatures can turn rain into ice on our roofs. If gutters are uncovered and clogged, that runoff has nowhere to go but on your siding thanks to the presence of ice dams. A gutter cover keeps these obstacles at bay.

Keeps Water Draining Efficiently and Away From Your Home

When water can’t drain efficiently, bad things happen. Gutters that are full of leaves and debris are worse than worthless; they’re dangerous to the health of your home. If gutters are damaged or backed up, water will drain onto the side of your home or along the foundation. When a downspout isn’t functioning correctly, that rainwater can even end up flooding your basement. Alternatively, gutter covers ensure things keep moving along where they’re supposed to go.

Gutter covers offer protection for both you and your house!

3 Sneaky Signs You May Have a Leak

Some leaks in Savannah, GA roofing are easy to spot. When water is steadily dripping from the ceiling, for example, a leak is practically guaranteed. What happens, however, when leaks aren’t so easy to identify? Water damage that has a chance to sit can lead to costly roof repair in Pooler, GA and Savannah down… Continue Reading