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Determining When to Replace Your Roof

Roof repair in Savannah, GA, is usually a more cost-friendly alternative to a total replacement, but what happens when the problem is recurring? Do you know the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your roof? Instead of emptying your bank account with constant repairs and updates, there are often several reasons why it makes more sense to invest in a complete roof replacement. Here are a few signs it’s time.

Recurring or Widespread Problems

Fixing up one or two broken shingles is usually no problem, and is in no way a sign your roof is approaching the end of its life. If wide swaths of shingles are affected, however, it may be a different story. When the same problem continues to return after multiple repairs or becomes so widespread that a majority of your roof is affected, you may be better off financially with a brand new roof.

Old Age

Savannah, GA, roofing has different life expectancies depending on the type of material used, so it’s important to know when yours is reaching its upper age limit. Asphalt shingles typically last around 30 years, while metal roofs can live well into their 50s. Knowing how old your roof is can be invaluable information when deciding to replace or repair.

Heavy Mold Growth

Health hazards have no place in our homes or on our roofs. One of the biggest indicators that a roof is at the end of its life is when it’s covered in heavy mold growth or moss. Again, one or two problem areas are usually nothing to worry about. When your entire roof is covered in mold, however, you may need a replacement to spare your health.

Saggy Decking

The condition of the underside of your roof, or the decking, is another telltale factor. If your roofer in Savannah, GA finds worrisome staining or sagging, you may have water damage past the point of repair.

These are just some of the surefire signs it’s time to replace your roof.

4 Ways to Care for Gutters

Do you know that roofing in Hilton Head, SC, can’t function properly unless the gutters are working too? It’s true! Gutters play a huge role in preventing water damage and drainage problems, but they can’t do either of those jobs if they’re clogged. Here are four simple ways to care for gutters. Clear Debris Often… Continue Reading