Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Benefits of Installing Gutter Protection

Gutters play a critical role in the health of roofing in Savannah, GA. Whether they are directing rainwater away from our foundations or helping to keep our homes running efficiently, gutters work extra hard during the warmer months. If you don’t want to keep up with their frequent maintenance demands, you may be able to benefit from installing a gutter protection system. Here are a few more perks that go along with these clever gutter covers.

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Different Options in Residential Roofing

When it comes to Savannah, GA, roofing, homeowners have several different choices in materials. From the timelessness of asphalt shingles to the incredible efficiency of modern metal, different materials offer different perks. Here is a glimpse at some of the most popular options in residential roofing and the advantages each provides.   Continue Reading