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Inspecting Your Exterior After a Hurricane

Hurricane season is heating up, which means it is time to pay extra attention to the condition of your residential or commercial roofing in Savannah, GA. Intense winds, hail, and rain can pummel our homes during the stormy season and put us at risk of encountering leaks and other damage. The best way to prevent problems from become extreme, and thus more costly, is to assess roofing after each passing storm in order to catch issues early. Here are the four most important things to look for after a hurricane.

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4 Tips for Preparing Your Roof for Fall

With fall right around the corner, there is no better time to assess the condition of your roofing in Savannah, GA, and make any necessary repairs. Colder weather and the end of hurricane season can take a toll on roofing during fall months, which is why it’s important to get your home topper in its… Continue Reading