4 Factors That Influence Your Choice of Asphalt Roofing

If you’re looking to invest in new roofing in Savannah, GA, this season, make sure that your replacement choice can provide superior weather protection and lasting performance. If you’re struggling to decide what type of roofing to invest in, we recommend consulting with a reliable contractor like Roofing Experts.

We carry exceptional asphalt shingles from GAF®, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. Not only can our shingles withstand the harshest elements—they are also aesthetically pleasing. Our GAF shingles cover the top four factors affecting brand selection in the 2016 Builder Brand Use Study, an annual survey that profiles the brands used by home improvement companies.

For the asphalt roofing category, the Builder Brand Use Study ranks GAF shingles as number one for the following reasons:

  1. Product Performance. Homeowners choose GAF shingles for their exceptional performance—i.e., their ability to effectively withstand extreme weather conditions for a number of years without sustaining damage. Roofing Experts, your premier roofer in Savannah, GA, carries GAF Timberline® and Designer shingles. They feature Advanced Protection® Technology, which means they passed stringent testing for fire, water, and wind resistance.
  2. Warranty. Turn to Roofing Experts for your roof replacement and you’ll have access to GAF’s industry-leading roof warranties. GAF’s System Plus and Golden Pledge® warranties cover both material and installation, adding another layer of protection to your investment.
  3. Availability of Product through Dealer. Another major advantage of GAF is accessibility. When you work with Roofing Experts, you won’t need to worry about your choice of shingles not being readily available. We ensure that we have what you need, primed and ready for installation.
  4. Ease of Installation. GAF shingles are easier and faster to install than other brands. Although they can emulate the look and feel of slate, tile, or wood shakes, they are lightweight. This means they don’t require an additional support structure or complex methods for installation. You can save money and enjoy your new roofing that much faster.

Roofing Experts is your expert in roof replacement and roof repair in Savannah, GA. With our professional crew and high-quality GAF shingles, we ensure exceptional weather protection and lasting performance for your home. Call us today at (912) 373-7009 to get a free quote.