GAF and the 2016 BUILDER Brand Use Study

According to the 2016 BUILDER Brand Use Study conducted by BUILDER magazine, builders are primarily influenced by the following factors when choosing a brand of asphalt shingles: warranty, ease of installation, availability of the product, and product performance. As the top roofer in the area, Roofing Experts uses the most popular asphalt roofing brand in that study: GAF. Our high-quality GAF shingles help us provide the best possible roofing services to our customers.

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The BUILDER Brand Use Study

Every year BUILDER magazine conducts an online study to profile the brands used by builders. The survey reveals the importance of factors influencing brand selection, the familiarity, use, and opinions of those brands, and the number and average sale price for the brands. The study is a good way to determine the popularity of a certain brand. If many builders and general contractors use a brand, it must mean that the brand is effective. In the study, the most-used brand in the asphalt shingle category is GAF.

Reasons to Choose GAF Shingles

GAF leads the pack because it delivers on the factors most important for brand selection in the roofing category. For example, GAF shingles are very easy to install because they were specially engineered for weight optimization and because GAF educates its contractors about the latest product installation techniques and technology. GAF shingles also have an excellent warranty, which includes three levels of protection that can meet any need. In general, each warranty guarantees the performance of the shingle for decades.

GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in America, and its products are readily available to contractors and builders. When it comes to performance, GAF also leads the way; their products feature Advanced Protection® Technology, which improves their shingles’ wind uplift resistance, toughness, flexibility, and granule adhesion. GAF shingles have passed many of the roofing industry’s most rigorous tests.

As a premier roof installation and roof repair specialist, Roofing Experts highly recommends the GAF brand. Reputable contractors across the country use GAF shingles because of their excellent and consistent performance. We serve many GA communities including Savannah, Pooler, and Garden City. Call us at (912) 373-7009 to learn more about our GAF products or to request a free quote.