How to Take the Work Out of Cleaning My Gutters Each Fall

Cleaning your gutters is a time consuming and sometimes dangerous chore. They need to be cleaned twice a year, in the spring and fall, in order to maintain their effectiveness. Cleaning your gutters often requires a ladder, a small hand shovel, and a lot of time and patience. Often, cleaning the gutters can put you in an unsafe circumstance as well, whether you are on a ladder on unstable ground, or on the edge of the roof trying to reach that last spot that you couldn’t reach any other way. With just a few changes, cleaning your gutters can go from being a time-consuming chore, to an almost effortless process.



Gutter Guards

Your rain gutters are meant to allow water to flow, but by design, they tend to catch not only water, but also leaves, twigs, and dirt. One common fix for this problem is to install gutter guards. Gutter guards are devices that allow water to fall into your gutter, while debris makes its way off the roof instead. The general idea to have spaces in the guard big enough for water but too small for any other debris. This attachment is a great way to take most the effort out of cleaning your gutters year after year. Here are some other benefits of gutter guards.

  • Less rust due to standing water
  • Maintenance becomes less time consuming and much safer
  • Less debris on your home during fire season
  • Prevents freezing in winter



Gutter Flushers

Gutter flushers are similar to pressure washers, but they have a sharp curve at the top to enable you to spray into your gutters from the ground. This piece of equipment is a great way to drastically reduce the amount of work required in cleaning your gutters. You will no longer need to spend hours scooping debris. Instead, you just walk underneath your gutter and spray it out in a couple of minutes. Gutter flushers are also much safer than conventional gutter cleaning because there is no chance of you falling from your ladder or roof.

While you may have been spending a lot of  time cleaning your gutters, there are now plenty of ways to make this job safer and virtually effortless. Speaking with a roofing expert in Savannah, GA, and the surrounding areas is a great start to finding the best way to maintain the rain gutters on your home.