Commercial Roofing

A Contractor that Knows Commercial Roofing in Savannah

Commercial roofing in [company_location] GA, Pooler, or any of their sister cities can be a bit of a taboo. While many know that they need it, few are ever willing to ask for it because it’s such a specialized service. While most roofing contractors say that they can handle commercial jobs, many get to the site and discover that that the problem is out of their scope of expertise. Of course, you won’t have to go through this. That’s because you entrusted the care of your office’s roof to us here at [company_name].

Three Problems Plaguing Your Office’s Roof

Unlike with your typical roofer in [company_location] GA or Rincon, the commercial roofing services that we offer are part of our core services. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that our team has been trained to deal with all of the issues that office building roofs have to face. In its fight for survival, your building’s roof has three mortal enemies:commercial roofing savannah ga

  • Water: Due to the fact that most commercial roofs are flat, water presents a huge problem. Uneven surfaces can cause huge pools to accumulate. If left untreated, these pools of water will slowly start to seep through cracks in the roof’s surface, eventually leading to saturation and water damage.
  • Wind: As wind flies across the surface of a commercial roof, a pressure gradient forms directly above the roof surface, which forces the wind downward. This runs through cracks and openings in roof seams. Eventually, this forces them upward, leaving the roof membrane unprotected.
  • Expansion/contraction: As a roof settles, it both expands and contracts. This can lead to cracks in and around chimneys, flashing, and pitch pans. Soon, water and wind will start entering thee openings, damaging the materials below.

If you start to see loose or fallen flashing, or leaks at your office, call us right away.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Our commitment to not cutting corners in any of our work doesn’t allow us to take on projects that we simply can’t handle. Thus, we’ve made it our goal to become just as skilled at repairing commercial roofs as we are at patching up your roof at home. Call us in to handle your next commercial roof repair in [company_location] GA or Tybee Island. We’ll help you and your employees take your comfort back. To get a quote, fill out our online contact form, or call us directly at [company_phone].